Claps a sign of jealousy

Dream interpretation applause

For people who are on stage, applause is a good indicator of their performance, or at least for the satisfaction of their audience. For actors, singers and other artists around the world, applause is extremely important.

The longer the clapping continues and the louder the cheering, the greater the audience's approval of what is being presented. It can be a play, a successful speech or a sporting event like cheering on by clapping while wrestling. Discussion groups also often have an audience that can confirm a verbal contribution with applause. Displeasure, on the other hand, is expressed everywhere with whistles or boos.

If someone dreams of being greeted with applause himself, he may be about to perform in front of a larger or smaller audience and in the dream simply expresses the inner tension before the big day. Perhaps it pushes the dreaming but also into the limelight and he imagines what it will be like to experience the applause of others.

The attitude of the dreaming to himself and to others is decisive for the dream interpretation. Anyone who dreams of applause should also try to remember the circumstances in the dream world in order to interpret them as well.

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Dream symbol "applause" - the general interpretation

The dream symbol "applause" expresses the longing of the dreaming in the dream interpretation recognition out. You want others to grapple with what you are doing and, if necessary, praise you. Perhaps the dreaming should ask the question to what extent he recognizes himself, but also how much praise he has left for others.

In addition, clapping with your hands is a dream symbol of envy and jealousyagainst which the dreaming has to defend himself. Anyone who cheers for a celebrity with great excitement and claps for joy should beware of targeted glare: A person from everyday life may try to deceive the sleeper.

The applause in the dream interpretation is generally often a reminder not to be unsettled by negative external influences and not to let others determine your behavior. Criticism, which is expressed in the applause in the dream, is sometimes perhaps justified, but should not lead the dreaming away from his original path.

If the dreaming tries in real life possibly constantly to avoid criticism, the applause in the dream interpretation can also be a warning of too much vanity be. This can result from the fear of rejection, but equally well from the fear of the consequences that can arise from success.

In the popular dream interpretation, the dream symbol "applause" is also an indication of a lack of recognition. Anyone who gets applause in a dream from friends or neighbors should be more hasty before quarrel in the family and separation beware. The dream symbol also warns against too large Gullibility, because often a flatterer gives applause out of sheer self-interest. If a mixed audience claps from strangers, the dreaming person wants more acceptance from the society in which he lives. Maybe he or she is considered an outsider and feels left out. If the dreamed-of crowd claps and only the dreaming abstains, the person appreciates his or her individuality so much that it is better to stay alone in everyday life than to lead an adapted life.

If it is the dreaming himself who applauds someone - whether in the context of a cabaret show or an inspiring speech is not important - this indicates a happy time in the dream interpretation. Other people will try to the dreaming. To praise an artist in the circus with applause for his achievements symbolically shows that the sleeper leads a risky situation in reality to success.

Dream symbol "applause" - the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level, the dream symbol "applause" is a sign of a lack of praise and discontent. The dreaming is deep inside sure that he should receive more encouragement for his achievements; in fact, however, he does not express this wish openly, but rather holds back.

An excessive need for confirmation And attention shows in the dream interpretation especially in the symbol when the dreaming avoids situations in real life in which others could deal with him critically.

The clapping as a spectator in a dream is supposed to compensate for the fear of rejection. In addition, the dream symbol in the psychological sense can be a picture for the approval be that the dreaming hopes for a certain project - and possibly also receives.

Dream symbol "applause" - the spiritual interpretation

In a spiritual sense, the dream symbol "applause" is a symbol of the Luckythat the dreaming feels in view of the enrichments in his life. It's a deep expression of the gratitude compared to creation itself.