A movie trailer is a clip

Rotate Explainity clips

Rotate Explainity clips

Area: Movie

You can use that:iMovie, equipment books, paper / cardboard, tripod

In an Explainity clip, you can click on the most important things about your topic with the laying trick technique.

What do Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker have in common? How do the "Fantastic Beasts" relate to "Harry Potter"? How does the Bundesliga work? Surely there are things that you love dearly and that you want to explain to others. If you can't think of anything spontaneously, you can find inspiration in books like "321 super smart things that you absolutely need to know" from the media.lab equipment.

That's how it's done: First steams the content down to the essential information. The best thing to do is to write down the sentences. What images and symbols can you use to illustrate the content? You can either draw it yourself or print it out from the Internet. Then take a large sheet of paper or cardboard as a surface and look for two colleagues. One of you films the sheet of paper vertically from above with a tablet or smartphone, while the other slides the symbols and images onto it to match the content read out. It is best to stabilize the tablet or smartphone for recording with a tripod. It's best to rehearse the whole thing before you start shooting. The finished video should not take longer than 2 minutes. You can find many examples of such explanatory videos on the Internet, here is one of them: www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-aXNmOIzPY.