What is a load intervention in the power grid

Digitize the energy industry with IoT and Big Data

2. Reduce load interventions in network operation

Feeding renewable energy into the power grid and incomplete information on individual power generation systems lead to fluctuations in load flows that are difficult to predict. As a result, transmission system operators intervene manually in the generation capacity of power plants and decentralized generation systems in order to protect sections of the line. According to the Federal Association of Energy and Water Management, this causes annual costs in the three-digit million range.

If energy companies bring together different data sources - such as power curves from individual transformers, power measurements from wind and photovoltaic parks and weather forecasts - new insights into the interrelationships can be obtained with the help of big data analytics and forecasts can be made. These findings create transparency about how individual systems load the nodes at the substations. In the event of overload, companies can then intervene at an early stage and prevent expensive redispatch measures.

3. Improve customer satisfaction through big data analytics

The competition among electricity providers is fierce. Therefore, customer loyalty is a very central issue for them. A continuous survey and evaluation of needs, wishes and satisfaction enables them to strengthen customer satisfaction and loyalty in the long term with individual services, special offers and other measures.

With big data analytics, energy companies can analyze user behavior on their websites and portals and measure the mood with regard to their own brand and products on social media. If you bring this data together with further findings, for example from conducted online surveys, you will receive information about the needs of your customers and can align your marketing and sales activities more precisely. Through an improved customer approach, they then succeed in binding their customers to their own company over the long term.

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