Has Apple started making 5G iPhones

5G with iOS: iPhone 12 and 12 Pro now available

A month later than usual: Apple started selling the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro - both with 6.1-inch screens - on Friday morning. Dealers and mobile phone providers also began handing out the devices, and the first deliveries were made to those who had pre-ordered. This year, Apple is offering four new smartphone models, more than ever before.

First round for the 2020 iPhones

All devices come - for the first time from Apple - with 5G mobile communications and an OLED screen. Two other variants in new display formats, the iPhone 12 mini with 5.4 inches and the iPhone 12 Pro Max with 6.7 inches, will appear in November. Pre-orders are currently not possible here. In addition to the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, the iPad Air 4 with a USB-C port, full-surface display and fingerprint sensor in the on / off button is officially available from today.

In terms of price, the iPhone 12 starts at 876.30 euros if you buy from Apple - then with 64 GB. 128 GByte cost 925.05 euros, 256 GByte 1042.05 euros. The colors white, black, blue, green and red are available.

With the iPhone 12 Pro you pay at least 1120 euros for 128 GB. 256 GByte cost 1237 euros, 512 GByte even 1461.20 euros. The colors are graphite, silver, gold, and Pacific blue.

Shopping online or by appointment

Apple has specially created a hygiene concept for the issue of the new hardware. This is to prevent the coronavirus from spreading in the queues that usually form on the launch day of new iPhones. According to a press statement, the company offers customers "new shopping opportunities". Queuing should be avoided as much as possible. Should queues form, Apple apparently wants to give those waiting in line reservation slots so that they can come back later. In some stores, such a direct purchase should not be possible at all, according to media reports.

Buyers should book so-called shopping sessions in order to "get personal advice from a specialist in the Apple Store and thus receive tailored help with the selection of a new product, a mobile phone tariff or a financing option". The same purchase advice is also available online, where customers can chat with a specialist "anytime". The portal with the services is available at Apple.com. However, the availability of the new hardware is limited. If you order now, for example, you have to wait until November 10 if you are interested in an iPhone 12.

At the moment, Apple is not making it easy for its customers to go shopping anyway - simply looking at new hardware can require an appointment. "Just looking" is made very difficult. In more and more stores - starting in the USA - Apple is also setting up a so-called express storefront with separate sales counters. Here you can pick up the hardware you have ordered without having to go to the actual Apple store.