What are the best fall family activities

Family activities in autumn

3) Outdoor picnic with biscuits and tea: When the sun is shining, pack your picnic blanket and go out into nature. You can spend a nice afternoon outdoors with warming tea and cookies.

Our tip: Autumn time is apple time: You like to bake? - Then bake small apple muffins. They taste great and are easy to transport.

4) Fly a kite: Especially windy weather, in which you would actually like to crawl under your blanket, is perfect for flying a kite. Just go up a high mountain with your kids and get started. You can either buy the kite online and in a department store, or you can make it yourself. There are also many great instructions on the Internet for making kites in a wide variety of shapes, colors and levels of difficulty.

5) carving pumpkins: Pumpkins are simply a part of autumn. Especially on Halloween it is common to carve creepy, glowing grimaces out of the orange plants. But you can also decorate your house with carved pumpkins before or after Halloween: whether it's a flower pattern, a house or a cat face - just let your creativity run free.

6) Museums and theater visits: The saying "There is no such thing as bad weather, just unsuitable clothing" is all well and good, but it is understandable if you don't necessarily want to go outside in the pouring rain. But instead of hanging out on the couch all day and not knowing what to do, you can just do a bit of a cultural program. Nowadays there are many exciting museums in which you can not only look at what is on display, but also touch it. There are also many family plays that children can take part in.

Our tip: There is something for everyone in the Edwin Scharff Museum. There are both art exhibitions for adults and a children's museum for the little ones.

7) afternoon games: When was the last time you sat together and played a board game? In the age of cell phones and Netflix, great games are being forgotten more and more. Why don't you just have another family afternoon and play taboo together, Mikado or Don't worry about people - this is sure to be a fun afternoon.

Our tip: During the game, make a stack of cell phones, which are then put aside. So everyone can concentrate more on playing and are not disturbed by Whartsapp messages and business emails.

8) create your own tea: In cold seasons, people like to drink tea. But have you ever mixed your own tea? If the tea you buy is too boring for you, why not try a tea recipe yourself. How about a "good mood tea", for example?

Recipe for a "good mood tea"

You need:

20 g lemon balm, 10 g apple mint, 20 g peppermint, 5 g marigolds, 10 g mallow blossoms, 5 g cornflowers, 5 g sunflower blossoms, 10 g daisies

That's how it works:

- Place all herbs on a baking sheet and dry in the oven at 50 ° C. When all of the herbs can be crumbled with your finger, they can be taken out of the oven.

- Then all the ingredients are mixed and left in a jar for one night.

- For infusion, a tablespoon of the mixture is placed in a tea bag and poured over with hot water.

- Let the tea steep for at least 10 minutes and then enjoy.