Should I take Cymbalta without a prescription

Natural mood enhancers: useful or not?

Herbal mood enhancers are herbs, plants or spices which, due to their special ingredients, can help alleviate psychological complaints such as depressed mood, sleep disorders, but also slight signs of stress, nervousness, restlessness and anxiety. Some of these herbal ingredients are also approved as drugs to treat certain medical conditions. For example, St. John's wort supplements can be prescribed to treat depression.

The herbal mood enhancers that are often used for psychological complaints include:

  • valerian
  • hop
  • Johannis herbs
  • lavender
  • Lemon balm
  • Passion flower
  • saffron

Basically, if a manifest clinical disease is suspected, no self-treatment with herbal mood enhancers should be carried out. In these cases, a careful diagnosis must first be made by a doctor or psychotherapist and then the therapy must be planned with the patient. In the case of certain illnesses, for example mild depression or sleep disorders, the use of herbal preparations can also be considered.

Natural mood enhancers are available in different dosage forms. For internal use, tablets or coated tablets are usually given. There are also teas based on natural mood enhancers or essential oils from plants or herbs.

It should generally be noted that a certain dosage is required in each case in order to achieve a health-strengthening and recovery-promoting effect. It is also clear that drinking tea or inhaling essential oils should not have the same effect as, for example, taking tablets or dragees with a higher concentration of active ingredients.