Where can I buy bearings

Warehouses (O)

Surname place picture price description GEE warehouseEl Burro Heights$ 880,000 Some see it as a smog-infested barracks settlement in the area around LS. For you, however, it is a center of modern business and industry, only without the thicket of authorities and at an unbeatable price. You are the visionary, this is the vision. Derriere Lingerie BackyardDel Perro$ 902,000 Of course, other importers have bigger warehouses. But can one of them brag that he regularly drives in and out of the back in Derriere lingerie? Just think of all the status updates on Lifeinvader. Fridgit extensionLa Puerta$ 925,000 Whether you need a place to hide a crate full of body parts, or just a way to keep a crate of beer cold, sitting next to a freezer has certain advantages. Discount retail storeVinewood Center$ 948,000 Small business owners all over America have a hard time. So if a shopkeeper decides to share their storage space with local drug cartels, it is your patriotic duty to support this example of classic entrepreneurship. Disused factory outlet building Strawberry$ 971,000 Sure, high street retail is dying out, but the unlimited supply of barricaded shops is a boon for arms dealers and meth cooks across the country. Become part of a real district revitalization. LS Marine BuildingElysian Island $ 994,000 This charming, white-clad warehouse in the heart of a bustling port area was already popular with smugglers when your grandfather was put on the electric chair. Buy yourself a piece of crime history. Old power plant Rancho$ 1,000,000 Space, excitement, privacy: an old power station is the perfect place for every hobby, from the arms trade to ivory smuggling. And thanks to the eco-lobby, valuable storage space is squandered here at a junk price. Railway depot warehouse La Mesa $ 1,017,000 Invest now in good access, lousy street lighting, and an endless stream of unregistered workers from every migrant or barge anchored in town.