Are Stanford University certifications valid?

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Competitive advantages & career springboard

Our certifications are objective, valid and recognized worldwide. A company that has its employees certified has clear competitive advantages when it comes to preparing offers. Companies whose employees are demonstrably competent in project management are often commissioned. In addition, all team members speak the same language because we have achieved a standardization of terms and methods with the “Project Managers' Guide (IAPM)”. This avoids misunderstandings due to different interpretations of PM technical terms.

As an individual, certification brings you an objective confirmation of your knowledge and experience and thus advantages in the job market. Your market value increases and you have better chances of a position in project management.

Online verification process

Project managers have tight schedules. In order to be able to do justice to the modern day-to-day work of a manager, we work with the well-known online testing method from "Classmarker", which is also used by numerous well-known companies such as Microsoft, Amazon or Philips and elite universities such as Stanford University and Harvard University.
With an affidavit, the examinee confirms that he will answer the examination questions without outside help and without aids.

The advantage is obvious: Those who register for the online exam can decide for themselves when and where they want to take the exam. The feedback from certifiers and personnel developers confirm that the online procedure is the most up-to-date option: no travel costs, no time-consuming rescheduling in the event of illness, no time pressure in exam preparation.

Once certified, always certified

We assume that a project manager who has once proven his knowledge will keep this knowledge. That is why there are no costly, in our eyes superfluous, recertifications at the IAPM. You keep your certificate - for a lifetime. So you don't have to worry about expiration dates and new registrations for recertification.

Fair prices

We want people around the world to have the opportunity to have their knowledge and experience in project management certified. The IAPM is an international association and of course would like to take this into account. That is why the costs for our certifications depend on the gross domestic product of the country of which the certifier is a citizen. On the IAPM website you can find out how the costs for your individual certification are structured. In this way we guarantee that people from all countries can afford certification as project managers.

Neutral, objective certification

The IAPM certification takes place online. The answers given by the certifier are evaluated in a database and thus assessed on a person-neutral basis. The IAPM does not have a set “failure rate”. Personal sensitivities or sympathies are irrelevant as there is no oral assessment. No certificate can be disadvantaged because of, for example, religion or appearance. The chances are absolutely the same for all of our certifiers, because the evaluation is completely objective. It all depends on knowledge and experience.

The IAPM certification