Does the remarketing of campaigns work?

What is remarketing

What is remarketing: the basic process

What is remarketing? With remarketing (or retargeting) visitors or customers of your own website are specifically addressed on other sites. The ads can be adjusted accordingly and, for example, advertise the offers that the visitor viewed but did not buy. Remarketing is one of the advertisements that are displayed based on the interests of the user, not on the basis of the respective page content.

The basic process takes place in three steps:

  1. The interests of a website visitor are recorded as well as possible.
  2. The visitor to your site will be recognized on other sites and specifically addressed according to their recorded interests.
  3. The user visits the original website again and ideally now makes the desired conversion.


A simple example

They have a shop for sporting goods. Visitor A viewed the running shoes product overview page and then left your site. If he continues to surf on other websites, you can use a remarketing campaign to show him advertisements about your top running shoes. So you use the visitor behavior of the user on your website, know his interests and previous activities and deliver the appropriate content in your ads.

The content of the site on which your ad is displayed does not initially matter. Even if the user surfs on a news portal after visiting your sporting goods website: You no longer have to infer his interest in running shoes from the content - you already know it. After all, he has just looked at your product overview page. So he can now study political news, stock market prices or current literature recommendations: Your running shoe advertising still meets his interests.

Take a look at a second example: Visitor B has already put a pair of running shoes in their shopping cart, but cancels the purchase and leaves your site at this point. Showing him the top running shoes, as you did with visitor A, makes no sense in this case: Visitor B has already decided on a certain model. So you show him advertisements for exactly this product or messages like "only today without shipping costs" in order to persuade him to buy it soon.

Visitor C, on the other hand, has already bought. For example, you can show additional products such as sports socks or running trousers.

What is remarketing on Google

What is remarketing not? Remarketing is not a Google invention. Rather, there are numerous providers such as "Criteo" or "Yoondo". Typical billing models are based on CPM and CPC. The respective network is usually used to deliver the advertisements.

Google also does this and traditionally uses the AdSense partners, i.e. the display network. Are there also providers who have advantages in terms of personalization or handling - the world's largest network in which advertisements can be shown and former visitors can be addressed again is not a bad argument. Of course, this does not exclude you from being placed via other providers.

But a lot more is happening: With the targeting option "similar target groups", non-visitors can now also be addressed who have the same surfing behavior as the defined target group. As the latest test, Google delivers remarketing in the search.

So what is remarketing? A potential success booster, but definitely not a sure-fire success:

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