When is a shirt too short?

Men's T-shirt: How to find the perfect shirt

How should the perfect t-shirt fit?

Unlike functional shirts (sports and compression clothing), T-shirts should never be skin-tight in everyday life. It never looks good - no matter how trained you are. The shirt shouldn't be too wide either. Not even if you want to conceal something. Because shirts that are too big compress and make you look smaller and wider than you are. The basic rule is: shirts with a "slim fit" are perfect for athletic types. A shirt in the "Classic / Regular Cut" forgives even a small tummy.

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Important: For a perfect fit, the shoulder seam of the T-shirt should sit exactly where the curve of the shoulder begins. If it sits lower, the shirt is too big; if it sits even higher, it is too small - which you should also notice by the pinching under the arms.

What is the ideal t-shirt length?

The perfect T-shirt protrudes about a hand's breadth over the waistband. It can either be worn over pants or tucked in without it slipping out again and again. If you are unsure, raise your arms when trying it on. Belly free? Then the shirt is too short. The belt flashes out? Perfect!

What is the right oneArm length?

Rule of thumb: The sleeves should cover about half the upper arm, no more and no less. Skin-tight shirts that tighten your biceps are a no-go. After all, you want to emphasize your muscles, but not embarrassingly focus.

H&M / PR
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Which T-shirt collar is the right one?

The collar is the main characteristic of a short-sleeved shirt. Which neckline looks sporty and which looks more classy:

Round neck

The classic t-shirt collar that can be combined with almost anything. But make sure that the collar is cut wide enough if you want to wear the t-shirt under the shirt.


Available in different widths, can be combined well with a cardigan or V-sweater. Make sure that you can still see something of the collar of the T-shirt if you wear it under.

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Polo collar

The polo shirt is an upgrade of the casual T-shirt because of its flap collar, but it does not look as formal as a shirt. So it's perfect to wear under a suit on Casual Friday, for example.

Henley collar

This collar shape with the distinctive button placket is ideally suited to bring a vintage touch to your outfit. Look out for models with a rib structure or henley shirts made of coarse cotton for a retro look.

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The material: which fabric is the right one for t-shirts?

Many men prefer thick, heavy materials, as if quality were directly related to the weight of the fabric. The opposite is the case with T-shirts. Whether you want to wear the shirt under or wear it solo, it should feel like a second skin. Good T-shirts are made of 100 percent cotton - they contain no stretch and, above all, no polyester. The gold standard is Pima or Egyptian cotton. Because the individual fibers are longer here than in basic cotton, they last longer and feel lighter and softer - almost like cashmere. Some t-shirts also contain silk. That makes them even softer, but is also reflected in the price. A great alternative in summer are T-shirts that contain linen.

Do you prefer a pattern or a single color?

Whether you prefer a plain-colored model, one with a print or a striped shirt is a matter of taste. Basically, however, the following applies: plain-colored models are timeless, look mature and can be worn for any occasion - even under a suit. Stripes are just as timeless, but more for leisure. Prints look casual and should also be combined. Absolute no-go: Ballermann slogans in the style of "Beer formed this body". Please never, not even on the Ballermann.

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The right t-shirt color

That too is a matter of taste. But if you want to be on the safe side, it is best to choose muted tones such as gray, dark blue or black. These colors are timeless and really suit every man. The cult classic in T-shirts has been and remains white since James Dean and Marlon Brando. If you combine a white shirt with blue jeans, you can't be badly dressed. Provided that both parts fit well.

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Get rid of your limp and washed-out t-shirts from the closet. Because even if you hoped it would: Old warped shirts don't look casual and daring. Underline your look with a well-fitting shirt in your favorite color, solid color, with casual stripes or a cool print.

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