Are sensory neurons multipolar

The neurons can be determined using the morphology of their Cell processes, of their function or due to anatomical features organize. ยท

The Morphological classification is based on the Number of processes, which from Cell body go out.

It cannot be a question of showing all forms of adult neurons. After all, you should check out the following three main categories notice:
  • Unipolar / pseudo-unipolar neurons
  • Bipolar neurons
  • Multipolar neurons
Pseudounipolar neuron Legend

Bipolar neuronMultipolar neuron Legend

Functional classification:
This is based on the Direction of propagation in the transmission of information relating to the CNS. Efferent or motor neurons conduct the excitation from the CNS to the periphery during afferent or sensitive neurons ensure the flow of information from the periphery to the CNS.
Interneurons or Association cells are located between the above-mentioned cell types and ensure the integration of the information.

Anatomical classification:
The anatomical classification is based on the shape and the localization of neurons.
The multipolar neurons do not form a uniform group. On the one hand, they include the Pyramidal cells with their triangular cell bodies, the vertically running apical dendrites and numerous horizontally arranged dendrites. They lie in the gray matter of the cerebral cortex.
The Star cells and the Basket cells are also located in the cerebral cortex.
The Purkinje cells have pear-shaped cell bodies and have numerous branches, which are arranged like a trellis. Purkinje cells are exclusively in the cerebellar cortex to be found.