People who wear socks in bed, why

This is how stockings affect our well-being at night

According to an American study, stockings can actually help you fall asleep faster. Test subjects who slept with socks needed an average of 15 minutes less time than barefoot sleepers.

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Why? In fact, the reason behind this sounds a little misleading. Wearing the stockings leads to the fact that our core body temperature drops faster. The blood vessels close under the skin expand through the fabric, which causes them to give off more heat - at least if socks are tight-fitting. This is beneficial for the process of falling asleep, as a low body temperature signals sleep. This is lowest during deep sleep.

Socks as a home remedy: warm feet while sleeping

If you want to keep your feet warm, you should wear loose stockings, preferably wool socks.

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In the event of an infection, onion socks can also be used as a trick: To do this, chop three to four onions, place them in two towels and warm them on the heater. Now lay on the soles of your feet and pull wool socks over them.
The essential and antibacterial active ingredients of onions can be ideally absorbed through the feet and thus alleviate the symptoms of a cold.

Warning: In these cases, sleeping with socks on is unhealthy

However, sleeping in stockings can also have negative effects on our wellbeing. If we already wear socks all day long, this can stimulate sweating. This can lead to typical sweaty feet with an unpleasant smell.
But not only that - health problems can also result from this. Too tight stockings impair the blood circulation, which in turn limits the restfulness of sleep.
Sweat between the toes also increases the risk of athlete's foot. In no case should you wear the socks that you have been wearing all day.

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So if you like to sleep with socks on, you should make sure to choose fresh stockings that are comfortable to the touch. Socks made of wool are ideal - these are breathable and at the same time provide the most effective warmth. Nevertheless, try to be barefoot every now and then.