How important is grammar for native speakers

German grammar exercises: Profile of the app

Function and operation

The app is very easy to use. The exercises can be selected depending on the level, textbook or topic. With the exercises, for which the correct answer must be selected, all target groups, from beginners to advanced learners, can improve their knowledge of German. In the exercises, you either have to fill in gaps, answer questions or rearrange sentences. From the correct endings of the adjectives to causal adverbs to the cases and the expansion of the vocabulary, there is something for everyone. For motivation, there are performance statistics with the number of correct or incorrect answers.

The app in class

The app is particularly helpful for students who do not speak German as their mother tongue. Even at a high level of learning, the main thing is to form correct sentences, which should be less difficult for native speakers. Sometimes there are exercises that are also useful for native speakers, but these are in the minority.

Especially now, when many children from refugee families come to German schools, the app can help to accelerate the learning progress of the students. The app can also be useful in "German as a foreign language" class. Since the app is very easy to use, it is also suitable for learning independently. However, it should be discussed in class which topics should be practiced at which level. The on-site lessons are of course the basis for the exercises at home.

Problems and privacy

The app requests access to photos, files and media as well as the storage when downloading. However, access to the files would not be necessary. However, this authorization can be withdrawn from the app in newer Android versions and in iOS. No account is required to use the app. You can start practicing right away.

Evaluation and conclusion

The app is particularly suitable for students who are learning German as a foreign language. Since the app can appear confusing at the beginning due to the wide range of topics, the students, depending on the level, need help with using it at least at the beginning. However, once it has been clarified what should be practiced at which level, the students can learn very well independently and improve their German, which is particularly important for integration. The disadvantage is that the app is chargeable for iOS, it is free for Android.

Tested: July 12, 2017; Updated: March 08, 2018