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... Where can the serial number of a Squier be found? And what does that say about the guitar?
Is there a Fender Squier without a serial number? Or is it then 100% plagiarism? ...

I am not an expert in the field, so I would like to point out this man who was already active with us and was more concerned with it:
He writes: "The JV and the A series as well as the SQ series were the only Squier or Fender guitars to have the serial number engraved on the neck plate. All other guitars had a sticker either on the head plate or on the back of the neck near the neck - Korbus├╝berganges, was attached. "
and: "Some Squier were built in India between 1989-1990. They have the words" Made in India "on the headstock. The serial numbers are printed on a sticker on the back of the neck, near the junction between the neck and the cage these adhesives are easy to remove, they are often missing. "
That alone may not help you. When in doubt, photos always offer a greater chance to say something about the guitar.
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