What are Advanced Security Doors

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Police crime statistics show how great the risk is of falling victim to a break-in: In 2011 alone there were 132,595 break-ins into houses and apartments, 55,877 of them in broad daylight.

Burglars often have an easy time of it. Outdated windows and balcony or patio doors can be opened with simple tools because they are not adequately secured.

“Those who take prevention seriously and install safe windows and doors make life difficult for criminals. That one can effectively protect oneself against break-ins is proven by the cases in which the break-in got stuck in the experimental stage - that was 38.5 percent of all recorded cases in 2011, "says Ulrich Tschorn, the managing director of the Windows + Facade Association (VFF).

The danger lurks everywhere around the house: If the front door is difficult to see or if the balcony or patio door, which is easy to pry open and which is often equipped with the simplest fittings and locking devices, is covered by the hedge or a privacy fence, burglars feel like a personal invitation.

“There is no one hundred percent protection against break-ins. But the risk of becoming a victim of such an act can be reduced considerably with burglar-resistant windows and doors, ”says Tschorn.

Security with stable and high quality windows

The best window is of little use against burglars if it does not have a stable window sash and a resilient window frame. "In addition, there is the appropriate fastening of the pane in the sash, robust fittings and locking devices as well as the correct installation of the window in the masonry," explains Tschorn.

Mushroom cams offer good protection against attempts to pry open. These are arranged around the window sash and, thanks to their mushroom-like shape, claw into stable locking plates that are screwed to the frame. In addition, the use of burglar-resistant glazing is advisable if there is a corresponding risk. Windows and balcony doors that have at least class RC 2 (formerly WK 2) should then be installed. Such windows have attack-resistant glass that is difficult to penetrate.

A non-rotating handle with anti-drill protection rounds off the safety mechanism. Linking the windows and doors with a modern alarm system is even more effective. It reports immediately if someone tries to pry open or smash a window and, thanks to the sensors, even windows that are accidentally left open do not go undetected.

Doors must also be able to withstand

Problems similar to those with old windows also exist with old house or terrace doors - they offer very little resistance to burglars and are easy to open. Modern doors with burglar-resistant properties, on the other hand, come with sturdy materials, drill-proof locks and solid security locks. In addition, there are concealed hinges and automatically locking multiple locks.

“However, all multi-point locks only help if they are locked. When buying a door, burglar resistance at least according to class RC 2 is also mandatory, ”explains Tschorn.

Electronic helpers ensure even more security: For example, there are access controls using a fingerprint system, in which the previously stored fingerprint replaces the key, as well as systems with remote control or transponder. “With additional audio and video monitoring, careless door opening is prevented, which can end in a very unpleasant way if an uninvited visit is made,” says Tschorn. Thanks to modern production methods, these electronic security components are very small these days and therefore blend in inconspicuously with the look of the new front door.

The expert tip:

“Anyone who owns relatively new windows with low security features can upgrade them - however, it is advisable to completely replace windows from before 1995. The specialist company has anti-burglary fittings, anti-rotation window handles and lockable additional locks. Replacing the old insulating glass with laminated safety glass is also an alternative.
The employees of criminal police advice centers know which measures are sensible. There are also trained police officers who can tour the house and provide expert advice. Another possibility is the advice of a qualified window specialist. The RAL quality mark for windows, house doors, facades, winter gardens and their professional assembly provides assistance in choosing the right company. Anyone who also uses attractive funding programs and tax-deductible tradesmen's bills can increase the burglary protection at low cost.

[Source: VFF]