Can you crack JEE Mains 2018

JEE-Main 2018: Tips for Exam Day

JEE-Netz 2018: The exam is planned, held on April 8th (pen and paper mode) and on April 15 and 16 for the computer-based test mode.

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In a viral post on Quora, a discussion about the best age to start preparing for IIT-JEE, ended with the consensus that the best time to start would be while still in the womb. As we approach the final days before the exam, the nerves get all over the place. Don't let last-minute panic unsettle you. The exam is scheduled, conducted on April 8 (pen and paper mode) and on April 15 and 16 for the computer-based test mode. With these tips, you can make the most of your pre-exam time and maintain a relaxed and positive mood on exam day!

Revise and analyze

You have likely been preparing for this exam for a long time. These concepts, formulas, and important topics are probably not fresh in your mind. If you have brief notes or pointers, this is the best time to review the exam curriculum through your notes. You need to do an analysis of your recall of the concepts and the problems. If your memory of a topic or your ability to answer questions around is particularly weak, then you are spending more time on it.

Mock tests to speed up your preparation

Exams like the JEE Mains are not like the usual high school diplomas. The pattern, types of questions, and the ways in which they must be answered are all very different. Even with the best of preparation, if a student is unable to test samples, it could be difficult. When examining the day, every student feels nervous, but when the exam pattern is unfamiliar, it gets worse. To make sure you are comfortable with the exam pattern, make it a point to do several mock tests. Use your scores and the patterns to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Write down sections that have taken too much time or sections where your results are less.

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Preparation strategy

When trying to get into the mock tests you will be making a variety of strategic decisions. For example, leaving a question for later, omitting a half-finished question because it is too much time or starting with a section that you are most / least familiar with. Which strategy works best depends on you, your preparation and the exam pattern. Try different things and see what improves your score. Set clear deadlines for each question. Instead of section-by-section, go through the paper and try the questions that make you feel most confident. So, on the day of the exam you don't waste time thinking about what you should be doing.

Focus on speed

Better to do, in competitive exams, the candidate might try to finish one question as soon as possible before moving on to the next answer. Being quick in answering and getting through the questions is definitely a bonus. However, cutting corners can lead to incorrect answers, lost time, and lost marks. Make it a point to go through your steps and rationale for each question. This is a great habit to shape and it will help you during the exam day.

A zen monk, not the battery bunnies

During the last hour, your friends could burn the midnight oil and compare notes. This can make you feel like you are left standing. People end up staying way too late, trying to cram too much at the last minute, studying new books that could spoil your chances. You need to be relaxed and ready, well rested and ready to pass the exam. Play games, listen to music, read a book, and make sure you ease your mind.

Don't get distracted by the behavior and opinions of others - you can only be in control of your own present and future. Focus on yourself and your well-being, achieve the most that you can, and go to give that exam in the best state of mind possible. Good luck!

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