How can I wrap a round gift

Wrap round gifts

Packing instructions for a round gift

  • Cut the crepe paper so that the width equals the diameter + the height of the gift.
  • The paper should be a little longer than the circumference.
  • Place the gift as precisely as possible in the middle along the wide edge.
  • Glue the crepe paper to the gift really well.
  • Then, roll the gift up.
  • Glue the paper together well.
  • Turn to the bottom first.
  • With one hand, make creases in the paper at approximately the same spacing.
  • Use your other hand to hold the creases in place.
  • Once you're around in a circle, glue the folds together in the middle.
  • Then stand the gift upright.
  • Also fold the paper on the top at the same intervals towards the center.
  • Pin the folds in the middle.
  • Then glue the folds together in the middle.
  • Cut a circle out of the crepe paper. A glass or something similar serves as a template.
  • Glue the circle to the center with scotch tape. (In of this manual shows what is meant by scotch tape rolls.)
  • Now you can decorate the present as you like. You can find some suggestions in the tips.

Great tips and tricks for crafting!

Even if it is only shown here with crepe paper, normal wrapping paper is just as suitable.
This looks very nice Sun, also folded from wrapping paper, to crown the center of the gift. A Windmill could just as well be an idea for the middle.
You can find the beetles shown in these handicraft instructions. But also one Napkin rose is ideal as a decoration on the gift. Or you choose these little ones Bows made of crepe paper to embellish.