How do you define a sexy man

Proven: These 13 tricks will make you look more attractive in seconds

Evolution has dictated what humans perceive as beautiful. A symmetrical face, big eyes, shiny hair, a youthful body. Features that indicate to our subconscious: This is good genetic material. That may not be of great use to us now, but this is exactly what the cerebellum reports to the cerebrum. Nevertheless, we should still critically question ideals of beauty.

But just because you weren't born with perfect symmetry and facial features like Bella Hadid's doesn't mean anything.

There are certainly techniques to boost your attractiveness and your sex appeal. These tricks are only partially determined by biology and, even scientifically proven, are nevertheless successful.

These tricks will make you look more attractive


Red is the color of the heart, of roses and, at least that's what they say, of love too. Several studies have shown that we (both men and women) subconsciously perceive people dressed in red as being more attractive. For an experiment at the University of Rochester, women were shown photos of men in red and different colored shirts. The clear tendency: the red shirts were considered sexier. And men also rated women in red clothing as more sexually attractive. The explanation of the scientists: In the animal world, too, male primates are particularly attracted to females with red features. Female chimpanzees and baboons, for example, turn reddish in certain parts of the body as soon as they are about to ovulate - and thus send a clear sexual signal to the males ... By the way: Black clothes make you look smarter.


In a study published in 1979, researchers at the University of Virginia cited numerous studies that said that people of the opposite sex were perceived as more and more attractive the closer the curfew approaches. It can be assumed that this probably correlates with the increasing alcohol consumption as the hour progresses, but it is not specifically stated. A more recent study from 2010 also confirms these results, but emphasizes that this only applies to those observers who are currently not in a relationship.


You look better in a group with friends than when you stand around alone. Psychology calls this phenomenon the "cheerleading effect". This is because the human brain tends to rate the faces of people in a group as more average - which in turn benefits people with characteristics that are not generally perceived as attractive.


Our brain, this fascinating thing. The same region of the brain that is activated when we receive a reward (called the "medial orbitofrontal cortex") shows particular activity when we see someone with an open, friendly smile. Brain scans have shown that we find a smiling person more attractive straight away! Another beauty feature: the white, even teeth shown (also a signal for good genetic material ...).


Our voice and way of speaking play a key role in the perception of attractiveness for men and women. A study by University College London found: A higher voice is rated as more beautiful by women because it signals that the speaker is smaller. Men, on the other hand, should have a deep voice with a happy tone. This makes us subconsciously perceive a tall but not aggressive man. However, women should not exaggerate: a voice that is too high is generally perceived as childish.


Both men and women prefer someone who has a good dose of humor as potential counterpart, according to a study by Westfield State College. Still, there is a small difference in gender perception: while women prefer a man who makes them laugh, men find a woman particularly attractive when she is willing to laugh at his jokes. For an experiment, French researcher Nicolas Gu├ęguen asked men in a bar to tell their buddies a joke while they were sitting near a woman. The result: The joke-tellers were three times more likely to get the woman's phone number than those who just listened - regardless of their physical attractiveness ... The researchers' thesis: Humorous people are considered more social and intelligent. What we find funny is of course different. Can you "train" yourself to humor? We doubt it.

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We are often drawn to people who have dilated pupils. Why? Because large, open pupils are a sign of joy and openness. This is usually the case with sex. But even when we are in love, our pupils dilate, which could draw the other closer to us.


Blinking is a form of consent. If someone blinks, you give the other person to understand that the information provided has really been fully absorbed. And yes ... blinking at the right moment is a very good way to flirt.


In 2016, 36 questions suddenly made the rounds on the Internet, with the help of which supposedly love should arise between two complete strangers (we took the test, here the continuation). The key to the study, originally made in 1997, is that instead of talking about the weather and hobbies, a high degree of closeness is achieved very quickly. And in this way increases the attractiveness of the other person.


Here are 6 scientifically proven reasons you should have a dog. We add a 7th: People who can be seen in the photos of their Tinder profile with a dog receive more matches and super likes than others on the singles app.


According to a study, a slightly arched back is perceived as more attractive - at least among women. That could explain the attraction of high heels for the opposite sex. Not only do they lengthen the leg, they also ensure that the wearer gently presses her back into the hollow of the back.


OK. Sometimes we would like to know how such studies are made. But good. In 2011, 2,500 volunteers were assigned to evaluate the attractiveness of 51 Caucasian faces. Skin with a slightly tanned complexion was rated as significantly more beautiful because it was healthier. Carrots, which contain yellow pigmented carotenoids, will help to lightly color your skin tone even without sun exposure. But you could also easily use bronzer.


As a man, of course. Because according to this analysis, women consider men with beards to be the best relationship material. However, there is also a conflicting investigation. Accordingly, the 3-day beard is the most attractive facial hair. In any case, smoothly shaved baby faces are perceived by us as the least sexy, that can be said clearly.

And last, but not least: concentrate on your job

This trick takes a little longer than a few seconds. But according to a recent survey carried out by, Austrian singles attach great importance to financial independence and professional determination. Workaholics are of course out of the question for many, but success at work makes you incredibly sexy. When it comes to professional ambitions, the female singles are more demanding than the single men: 53 percent of women should definitely be determined by their potential partner. "Someone who is in harmony with their own job and themselves also radiates that and is attractive," says Lisa Fischbach, a qualified psychologist.