What are 3 secrets to productivity

The 7 secrets of productivity

productivityIn our modern society, we often rush from one appointment to the next and still usually fail to achieve our daily goals. Instead, we have to postpone and postpone things that we actually wanted to get done quickly. However, with the help of a few tricks, it is very easy to stay productive and thus master personal and professional tasks in good time. Read our 7 productivity tips here to help you find more efficiency through good time management.


1 Solve time-consuming tasks

24 hours - that's how much time we have every day. Improve your time management by objectively reviewing your daily schedule and examining how you are implementing it.
The trick? Create a detailed, hourly schedule that lists your activities from getting up to going to bed. This is how you discover where time-consuming tasks are hiding that negatively affect your productivity.


2 Plan your day

At the end of the week you have the feeling that you have lost the overview and the goals that you set yourself at the beginning of the week have not been achieved either? Then it's time to make a to-do list so you can prioritize and plan your work day accurately.

The trick? Update your to-do list daily. Every morning, mark the 3 tasks that absolutely need to be completed on the same day. Early in the morning, when you are well rested and feeling fit, dedicate yourself to the projects that require a lot of attention and concentration.


3 Make clear ship

Nothing helps us to work in a focused and structured way than a well-organized work area.

The trick? Before you say goodbye to the end of the day on Friday, tidy up your desk and have your documents ready for the coming Monday - this will give you a successful start to the new week.


4 Use time management tools

There are various tools that help to structure our daily plan and to distribute the tasks to be done in a meaningful way every day.

The trick? Lots of free or paid apps and online programs help with scheduling. Classic methods such as the good old appointment calendar, a notebook or an Excel spreadsheet have also proven their worth.


5 Avoid procrastination

The temptation to postpone particularly unloved tasks is great - until they finally have to be mastered under time pressure and unnecessary stress. Divide such projects into individual work steps - this makes them less time-consuming and easier to manage.
The trick? Take into account the given deadlines for your various projects and plan for completion before the due date. In this way you avoid the stress that arises from a late delivery and you can handle unforeseen difficulties better.


6 Focus on one task

Multitasking is an absolute no-no when it comes to getting things done efficiently - the human mind is incapable of doing two things at the same time. Performing several tasks at the same time is often the number one source of error in a job and also leads to time losses. When multitasking, we have to achieve top performance in terms of concentration - this quickly leads to exhaustion and thus lowers our productivity. Studies have even shown that people who are distracted by phone calls and emails have decreased IQ by as much as 10 points.
The trick? Work through tasks in sequence so as not to get bogged down. Reserve a fixed period of time every day for answering e-mails.


7 Delegate

If we want to do everything ourselves, we can quickly skid. Stress and exhaustion are the consequence and reduce our performance. If a task seems overwhelming for you, don't hesitate to ask for reinforcement.

The trick? Discuss in advance with the respective colleagues to whom you will delegate part of your task. Communicate clearly what you need help with and agree on a deadline that allows enough leeway if problems arise.