What do you think while masturbating

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"This can happen to both men and women, and it usually happens when you use a lot of force, friction, or stimulation that cannot be matched with a partner. For example, you get used to having a vibrator directly on Put your clitoris on and go to the maximum setting. Or you can jerk yourself down with the same power grip you use in the gym. Or you can only climax when you have 30 different porn tabs open .

The problem is this: your body and brain can get used to just to orgasm like that, says Castellanos. Which is great when your goal is to get on command. But it could make it harder to orgasm in certain circumstances (like with a partner, or ... if you run out of batteries). There's even a term for it: it's called "idiosyncratic masturbation," and it can cause orgasm problems for women or delayed ejaculations for men.

If that happens, you can reverse it by retraining your body and brain to orgasm with different or less stimulation. Most people can do this themselves by masturbating with their non-dominant hand, using more lube to prevent the friction, get slower or change position while masturbating, says Castellanos. "