What is tiramisu A soup from Japan

Flavored consommé

The basis of every good soup is a broth or stock. In Japan, people swear by clear and pure Dashi. With us, on the other hand, they swear by rich vegetable, chicken or beef broths for the soup.

Dashi can be bought as an instant product to make the basic broth for a miso soup. A vegetarian kombu dashi powder is also available on the market. This means that we can also prepare Japanese miso soups with a well-rounded taste. If you don't want to use ready-made products, we recommend the alternative from Stevan Paul's cookbook “My Japanese Cuisine”. In it, the chef and food journalist explains how bread, anchovies and soy sauce can be used to make a complex stock that is reminiscent of a dashi brew in terms of taste and results in an aromatic base stock that can also be used very well in other recipes.

The original Dashifond is clear and comes with just two ingredients - kombu and bonito - to taste round and harmonious. For the vegan variant, the fish flakes are replaced with shiitake mushrooms. We find a similarly clear broth in French cuisine in the consommé. To clarify a soup stock, however, more elaborate techniques and far more ingredients are required. How good that we can also use ready-made vegetable, chicken or beef stocks for many Asian recipes! But they could also be prepared yourself and then convince with their full taste. So it is not absolutely necessary to stock up on instant stock cubes or ready-made stocks in glasses if you want to cook well. The recipes for homemade Asian vegetable broth, beef broth, fish stock and a strong chicken broth can be found HERE.

The base, the increasingly popular Vietnamese Pho-bo, is a rich beef broth. Of course, this Vietnamese miracle of aroma can also be cooked vegetarian on the basis of a vegetable stock and without meat. A hearty poultry broth is required for the laksa recipe, a Malaysian national dish. And the puristic miso soup with tofu is prepared with a dashi soup. See also the recipe below for a vegan dashi brew.

Vegan Dashi-Sud | It is thanks to Buddhist monks that the aromatic dashi brew is also available in an extremely tasty vegan version. And best of all, with little effort - and with the right ingredients - you can also cook this brew at home.

Delicious strength donors. These Asian soups are filling power donors and also a real help if you want to eat consciously and lose a few pounds! | Vietnamese rice noodle soup Pho-bo | Malay laksa with prawns | Japanese miso soup with tofu and dashi

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  • Malay laksa with prawns

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  • Japanese miso soup with tofu and dashi

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  • Thai soup with prawns

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  • Classic: sour and hot soup

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