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© Landkreis Harburg Show in original size27 KB - 736 x 429 The path is clear: the first point of contact in the event of symptoms is the general practitioner. Because the corona diagnostic centers at the Buchholz and Winsen hospitals ceased operations on July 31, 2020, as in other districts in Lower Saxony. The responsible Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Lower Saxony (KVN) decided to close the two diagnostic centers.

The corona tests for patients with symptoms are now either carried out by the treating general practitioners themselves or, after registering by telephone, the patients are referred to the practice of certain general practitioners who have agreed to act as infection practices. If necessary, these doctors not only test their own patients, but also carry out tests with referrals and telephone registration by the treating family doctors for their patients.

In this context, the Harburg district reiterates its criticism of the position of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians to close the test centers. District Administrator Rainer Rempe: “It is incomprehensible to us that the KVN is doing without the well-functioning system with the two test centers at the Buchholz and Winsen hospitals, especially in view of the increasing number of infections. We are sticking to our demand to reactivate the test centers in the district. The tests are an important component in identifying chains of infection at an early stage and in curbing the spread of the corona virus. For this purpose, the test options should be quickly and easily accessible to the patient. The test centers offer quick and clear processes, and the general practitioners are already busy with the standard care of their patients. ”District Administrator Rempe emphasized that the district administration has already exchanged views with the KVN on this topic and offered support several times. "We are happy to support the KVN in setting up the test centers again."

Test for symptoms

Citizens who have symptoms of a Covid 19 disease such as cough, fever, runny nose, shortness of breath or problems with the sense of smell or taste should contact their family doctor. If you do not have a family doctor, you can contact the health insurance company on 116 117. The costs for the tests are covered by the health insurance company.

All positive corona findings will continue to be reported to the district health office. The health department traces chains of infection and identifies contact persons. People suffering from Covid-19 and their direct contact persons must be quarantined at home in order to prevent the virus from spreading.

Corona warning APP

Citizens who are warned by their Corona app that there is an increased risk of infection should contact their family doctor or the district health office immediately. You are entitled to medical advice and a corona test. If the test is positive, the person affected will be informed and can make the infection visible to other app users anonymously via the Corona app. The test laboratory also informs the responsible health department, which is followed by a 14-day quarantine, even if the disease progresses slightly or if there are no symptoms. The test costs are also covered by the health insurance.

Mandatory test after returning from risk area

Rice returning from risk areas must go into a 14-day quarantine. The quarantine can be shortened by providing evidence of a negative test result. These tests are free of charge and are also carried out in the family doctor's practice; in some cases it is also possible at the airport or port. There is a right to the test within ten days of entry. However, this only applies to returnees from risk areas, even if they do not show any symptoms of illness. The possibility of fundamental testing of travelers returning from non-risk areas has been deleted again.

Tests without a medical reason are not covered by health insurance

People who are not suspected of Covid-19 disease, are not contact persons and are not listed in the ordinance on entitlement to tests are not entitled to the respective health insurance company paying for a corona test - for example if the employer, a country of entry or a holiday hotel request a negative corona test. The costs for these tests must be borne by yourself.

Tests before planned hospitalization

If people who do not have any corona symptoms are tested before a planned hospital admission, this is a pre-inpatient service. It is to be provided by the hospital and not on an outpatient basis.

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