What is sex addiction

Sex addiction

Treatment options for sex addiction include:

In psychotherapy or sex therapy, among other things, alternative behaviors are learned. Usually sex addiction tries to resolve a non-sexual life issue. It is therefore also a matter of working on this respective topic.

Attending self-help groups (e.g. Sex Addicts Anonymous) can also prove helpful. If the uncontrolled sexual acts lead to sex crimes, preparations are also used that inhibit the sex drive.

What can i do on my own?

Admitting to the problem is the first and most important step. However, this is usually very difficult. Distorted self-perceptions and justifications make it difficult to admit the problem. Feelings of shame and guilt don't make it any easier either. Nevertheless, try to get help quickly. Professional helpers do not blame or judge. You have got used to this delicate subject.

What can partners do?

Partners should watch out for possible signs of codependence. These include:

  • Try to maintain control over your partner's sexuality

  • Sex without lust,

  • Sex as a reward,

  • Sex despite pain as well

  • Denying the other's sex addiction.

For more information and help, see Codependency. In any case, you should not be afraid to accept support yourself if you are suffering from the behavior of your partner.